Philosophy improves your thinking

Philosophy is useless in itself. Philosophy is like doing pushups. What’s the point of pushups, so you can do more pushups? Maybe for some. But we can see how this capitalist approach to gain for the sake of being able to gain more is completely ridiculous. So, philosophy is useless. It helps your thinking skill grow. That’s it. Many “philosophers” forget this. They spend their life in academia. They give monthly papers over Aristotle and whatever else. They argue to prove some one tiny thing. Over and over. Point by point. And what’s left? Where’s the bigger picture. Where are YOU in the midst of all that study? As Montaigne put it, I’d rather know myself than Cicero.


Still, it’s stupid to disregard philosophy, just like it’s stupid to disregard doing pushups/lifting weights if you want to be able to play some sports. I’m not being abstract here when I say philosophy improves your thinking. It really DOES do it on the most physical level. The synaptic connections in your brain restructure themselves and devote a larger part of themselves to a specific way of thought. It’s how everything works. They’ve raised an animal so that it could only see horizontal lines; when it was introduced to vertical ones, it couldn’t see them. The part of your brain that “SEES,” is used for the sense of “touch” in a blind person. They blind folded a non-blind person to prove this – after a week, that part of her brain, which was active during sight, was being restructured and was observed to be more active during touch. And so, it should work the same way with rational abstract thought. Personal experience tells me it does. I’m not a math person at all, and when I have to reflect upon geometry or algebra I kind of cringe. However, after enough studying the subject, it comes easier to me.


Moreover, when I read a hard book, at first, the text seems disorganized. The author’s ideas and his style are hard to grasp. But after enough time, it becomes easier to read. When I started reading Tolstoy, it took me 20 mins to get through a page, but after a week of reading, it only took two. In the similar manner, if you want to be serious about self-reflection, about answering such questions as “who am I?” you have to study philosophy. Quite obviously, you can study science instead, for instance, you can answer that question in purely biological or purely evolutionary terms. You can study theology and answer it in religious terms, etc. However, underneath ALL of this kind of study, is rational thought. Philosophy is the foundation for virtually every way of learning we currently possess.

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Philosophy improves your thinking

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