Automation is not a 'bleak' future

Automation will cut short the necessary labor hours of everyone, while providing most commodities such as food, water, and energy for free. Here is the big picture: Automation WILL succeed in replacing about 80% of the current workforce. All non-creative jobs have the possibility of being replaced by machines in 10 years.

Dominance is the general force underlying all reality

Adaptation and the struggle to survive is a secondary drive in the evolution of animals, behind the desire to expand one’s power. All life seeks primarily to expand itself.  No matter what type of situation individuals find themselves in, their will to power comes through in some way or another. Nietzsche calls these different ways the disguised forms of the will to power, meaning that they appear to stem from something else, such as altruism or sympathy, when they really originate in one's instinct to bring someone under one's own power.

I'm like Nietzsche fighting a never ending war against modern dogma

Walter Kaufmann wrote that Nietzsche “celebrates the Greeks who, facing up to the terrors of nature and history, did not seek refuge in ‘a Buddhistic negation of the will,’ as Schopenhauer did, but instead created tragedies in which life is affirmed as beautiful in spite of everything. Schopenhauer’s negation of the will was a saying “no” to life and to the world, which he judged to be a scene of pain and evil.

We are all immortal, though not continuously

This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more since every configuration of atoms and events will occur. During death, our configuration and energy are conserved as the soul, to manifest again in the next creation. This cycle goes on endlessly. Matter cannot be destroyed or created only transformed and after x number of transformations you'll come back in this form. The law of conservation of energy demands eternal recurrence.

Would grown people please stop using the word "like" ...

in a sentence unless it's appropriate.


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