Would grown people please stop using the word "like" ...

in a sentence unless it's appropriate.


Like I know, right, I mean, like, seriously, you, like, need to like stop saying like, "like" all the time, it's just, like, totally, like, lame and stuff, I mean, like, if, like, half the, like, words you, like, use, are, like, "like", well, like, that's twice as many, like, words and stuff, and, like, you could, like, say the same, like, thing, like, with half as many, like, umm, oh what are they called? Oh yeah... words. Like, when people, like, say "like" all the time, it's like, this way to, like, compensate for, like, not knowing, like, what word to, like, say next, and, like, they need, like, time or something, to, like, think of, like, what word to, like, say next, so, like, they say "like, and like, this like totally gives them, like, more time to think of, like, the right, like, words and stuff. Like, seriously.