Culture Whiz

Culture whiz is your cultural and social guide to the world. It is where you can examine the connections between the behavior of individuals and the structures of society in which they live. If you have travelled a considerable amount of time, it can open your eyes to a larger world; giving you the opportunity to dig deeper into a country, a city, a culture. It’s where you can, not only, learn more about the world and people surrounding you, but about yourself as well. This is Culture whiz, an up-to-date and reliable worldwide resource guide.

Language Circle

Language Circle offers a social community to engage with and learn from people across the globe through new friendships, language practice, and cultural understanding for work, travel and friendships that will enrich your life. On this platform, you can host an international get-together, chat with certified translators and verified travel hosts, and even win airline tickets abroad. It's fun, practical and an engaging way to learn about your world - through people!

Alahah Corp

Alahah Corp is an American multinational holding company headquartered in Boston, Ma, United States, that oversees and manages a number of subsidiary companies and investments.

Alahah Properties

Alahah Properties is a multi-faceted real estate investment, management and development company with a portfolio of commercial, residential, land, hostels and resorts that span the world.

Concept Web

The Concept Web is a new Web that is separable from the previous Web layer (Web 2.0) that is computable by machines. The Concept Web aims at converting the current web, dominated by unstructured and semi-structured documents into a "Giant Global Graph" composed of Semantic Web platforms. The ultimate goal of the Concept Web is to enable computers to do more useful work and to develop systems that can support trusted interactions over the network.

Accelerating Humanity

Accelerating Humanity is an international nonprofit membership organization which advocates the ethical use of technology to expand human capacities.


SyNeural is the world’s first digital media company producing infrastructure platforms for the next generation of the Web. In just a few shorts years, what we currently understand as the web will be replaced by Semantic Repositories that enable new applications that can effectively manage our lives and business.

Trust Circle Networks

Trust Circle Networks, Inc is a network of carefully vetted service providers from around the world. Trust Circle Networks eliminates the difficulty and stress of the service-search by offering only professionally prescreened service providers. The providers, which range from moving services to dentist, all go through a professional prescreening security process.

Town source

TownSource, a new type of web site that has a Semantic Repository of information about a neighborhood, town, or city. Fed by information contributed by its users, a TownSource repository comes to represent all aspects of the community and the relationships among them. By combining the ability for users to create their own content, via an innovative wiki, employing language processing (NLP), the creation of a highly relevant information source covering nearly everything is fostered.

Netgroup Associates

NetGroup provides a variety of valuable services for start-up companies, growing small businesses and established companies who need down-to-earth professional human resource services.

University Student Movers is a directory of hand-selected independent student-run moving companies rated and ranked by our customers after each move. You can read numerous reviews, compare prices, ratings, etc. University Student Movers currently operates nationwide with 29 locations in 21 states.

University Students For Hire

University Students For Hire is an exclusive work portal that connects entrepreneurial college students and recent grads with community members and employers. It is absolutely free for students to post their service or browse job postings. Employers may post a single job or subscribe to our Premium Employer Membership option. Single job postings are twenty-five dollars and have a one year duration.