The theory of everything

I just created a loose framework for the theory of everything. Nietzsche contends that there is no such thing as being: everything is always changing, always in a state of becoming. Because nothing is fixed, there are no “things” that we can distinguish and set apart from other “things.” All of reality is intertwined, such that we cannot pass judgment on one aspect of reality without passing judgment on all of reality. He talks about an eternal recurrence. On one level, it expresses the view that time is cyclical and that we will live every moment of our lives over and over an infinite number of times. In other words, each passing moment is not fleeting but rather echoes for all eternity (deja vu). 


Once you realize the perspective of infinite change, you can see everything and it is just a matter of realizing a set of changes to get where you want to go. The universe is a reference of infinite variety, it has all the computations that you might need already computed for you, with the right perspective and index of concepts that is... That's what you realize when you study cosmology simulation technology and see their results match up with reality. Everyone lives in a 0-dimensional world, i.e. a cyclical infinite loop of change and people think we live in a 3D world, with time tacked on as an after thought as the 4th dimension -- hence why mathematicians get lost in their math regarding n-dimensional analysis and string or m-theory with 11 dimensions when if they just mapped the interactions in change they would instantly see that once anything goes beyond light speed it appears as a barely noticeable wiggle in our time frame analysis, as if a particle is momentarily popping into space and out of space or what they call the quantum flux and sea of frothy virtual particles -- they are all idiots because they can't see change.


One of the consequences of eternal recurrence is that you and I are already immortal, though not continuously. You have infinitely many bodies and lives distributed through eternity. You are born, live and die infinitely often. I wonder If I should check out one of those past life places. There should be a trivial sense in which you remember your past lives, since they are the same as your present life, and you remember your earlier present life. Should be an interesting instance of this eternally loopy momentary world.