Looks like I'm an Ubermensch

According to this VC personality assessment report, I'm an Ubermensch! I can deal imaginatively with social relationships as well as physical and mechanical relationships. I'm alert to what is apt to occur next, and sensitive to possibilities. Verbally as well as cerebrally quick, I have a perverse sense of humor, and play devil’s advocate regardless of consequence. Because I depend on being challenged to stay interested, I'm likely to challenge others, and I enjoy being one up on almost anything that interests me-even if it’s just knowing the latest gossip. Accordingly, I may not realize the others can be exhausted by this relentless pursuit of reactions and contest.


It goes on to say: I can be a fascinating conversationalist, able to follow the complex verbalizations of others. I may deliberately employ debate tactics to the disadvantage of opponents, even when the “opponents” are close associates and valued friends. I value adaptability and innovation and thus respond quickly and adeptly to another’s shifting position. I may even be several jumps ahead. My talkativeness and motivating, are often the life of an enterprise. I can cleverly makes do with whatever or whoever is at hand, counting on ingenuity to solve problems as they arise, rather than carefully generating a detailed blueprint in advance. A rough draft is all that I needs to feel confident and ready to proceed into action, counting on the ability to improvise as a situation develops. Because of this tendency to depend on ingenuity and improvisation, I may neglect very necessary preparation at times :( 

Here's the rest:

Azn can be easily bored, and his attention span can be ruthlessly short. Unless he is discovering something new, pursuing a hunch, or acquiring another angle on a persistent question he is likely to be restless and agitated. On the other hand, his disinterest in hierarchy and displays of status can result in a disarmingly direct and unpretentious style of relating.  Once engaged though, Azn is completely invested in his work-eating, sleeping, and dreaming his particular vision. He usually generates more possibilities than can be implemented, follows his own rules, and find it difficult to delegate any part of the creative process. He may, however, use his powers of persuasion to talk followers, admirers, and fellow travelers into doing the tedious follow-through chores once an idea is being implemented.


Good at analysis, especially functional analysis, Azn has a tolerance for, and enjoyment of the complex. Azn’s primary interest in life is understanding the world around him. He is constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations that are presented to him. Using his intuition to process this information, he is usually extremely quick and accurate in his ability to size up a situation. 


Azn wants everyone to be strong, independent, and able to stand on their own. He can use his intuitive understanding of situations and his ability to see the internal workings beyond smoke and mirrors, and to warn of danger. However, he can at times see danger where none really exist, which often causes people to not take him seriously. He generally understands things quickly and with great depth. Accordingly, he is quite flexible and adapt well to a wide range of tasks. He is good at most anything that interests him. As he grows and further develops his intuitive abilities and insights, he will become very aware of possibilities, and this makes him quite resourceful when solving problems. 


Azn is a pretty positive person, who enjoys life greatly. Unless circumstances prove it necessary, he rarely finds reasons to think negatively about people. He seeks to accept and to understand people for who they are inside. He does not like to condemn people for their personhood, and can often be sought out by others for matter of practical solutions to common everyday problems. People typically have respect for his intuitive understanding towards them and appreciate his loyalty in personal matters. It is not like him to betray a friend in need. This ability to intuitively understand people and situations puts Azn at a distinct advantage in his life. 


Azn tends to be high-scoring Extravert who wants to exert an external effect on a grand scale. He has real vitality and relish socialization that involves a freewheeling exchange of views and ideas.  He can be playful, but his sense of play is generally confrontational, and may have a tendency to “test” people with a barrage of puns of bantering remarks. 


Even though Azn is an extrovert, he may demonstrate a subtle tendency towards "reservation". He is very abstract and thought driven, constantly seeking the pure potentialities of the unseen. He naturally sees the big picture as others see it, while actively comparing his own beliefs without bias and consideration to his own personal belief. It is not uncommon for Azn to think in his mind ‘A man believes this, another believes that … I see the potentialities of them both, so what is the real deal?’ Often Azn may logically qualify these abstractions to make personal solutions to problems, though he actively avoid solving logical problems the same as others do. Since he avoids deriving known conclusions, his ideas maintain a unique and personal originality that others may not have considered. Azn has very little loyalty to personal beliefs and tend to abandon old inferior beliefs for newer ones with better potentialities.


In general, Azn is upbeat visionary. He values knowledge, and spend much of his time seeking a higher understanding. He lives in the world of possibilities, and become excited about concepts, challenges and difficulties. When presented with a problem, he’s good at improvising and quickly come up with a creative solution. Creative, clever, curious, and theoretical, Azn has a broad range of possibilities in his live.